Citizen-science Against Sleeping Sickness (CASS)
Citizen-science Against Sleeping Sickness (CASS)


The aim of Citizen-science Against Sleeping Sickness (CASS) is helping find ways to tackle sleeping sickness (aka Human African Trypanosomiasis) by advancing relevant research. A secondary aim is to provide opportunities for volunteers, should they come forward, to contribute to the effort. We will keep an open mind as to how best these aims may be achieved. We will seek to complement the work of professional researchers as best we can, and not to compete with them.


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In the first instance, we are looking primarily at bioinformatics approaches, and finding ways to co-ordinate efforts from volunteers with some bioinformatics / life science knowledge. Open Science Framework (OSF) seems like a good vehicle for doing that. However, if we find a large amount of data to crunch which could be done in a game format by non-experts, in the kind of way that MalariaSpot and Zooniverse are doing, we will try to build it. Similarly, if volunteers suggest other types of data (epidemiological or ecological for example, or computational chemistry) those ideas would also be very welcome. We hope the CASS umbrella can be broad enough to encompass any discipline.


Take a look at our project ideas on the Open Science Framework:


The project has no funding. Nor are we seeking any. We want your ideas and your time.

About me

Pauline Ward


Citizen-science Against Sleeping Sickness (CASS) was set up in 2016 by me, Pauline Ward, inspired by the Citizen Science movement, and with some advice and encouragement from former colleagues at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology, particularly Annette MacLeod. I have a Biochemistry and Bioinformatics background, but I no longer work in the field professionally. In my day-job I curate an academic research data repository at the University of Edinburgh.



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